Mozambique is a stunning destination, but infrastructure is not maintained, and therefore not an easy country to travel through as a tourist alone. Mozambique is done again as an extension to any of the Southern African countries.

The following islands and archipelagos of Mozambique are incredibly beautiful and safe to visit, as is the southern coastline of Mozambique.

Maputo, the capital is an eclectic and interesting city and it is suggested that one does a full day tour of the city.

A Dhow at the water’s edge on a beach in Mozambique

Bazaruto Archipelago

This archipelago is a group of islands off the coast of southern Mozambique. They are part of the Bazaruto National Park. It comprises the islands of Bazaruto, Benguerra, Margaruque, Banque, Santa Carolina, and Nyati. Their beaches are pristine, and wild, and not over commercialized.

The archipelago became a National Park in 1971 and is home to the largest remnant population of dugongs in the world… however only being 120 individuals.

It is a conservation paradise, proclaimed national park, and as a Gift to the Earth by the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation.

The lodges we use on these islands are Hotel Estrela do Mar and Eden Bay Eco Lodge.

Quirimbas Archipelago

32 islands make up this stunning remote and isolated archipelago to the north of Mozambique. Like little jewels in the Indian ocean, these islands are part of the Capo Delgado Province of Mozambique.

A short flight from Maputo takes you to Pemba and then a boat ride across to our preferred lodge, Ibo Island Lodge.


This little town is situated on the main land of Mozambique, and is very well known for its beautiful beaches, dazzling views and warm sea.

Vilanculos has some of the best markets, full of fresh fruit, vegetables and various arts and crafts.

Restaurants are ample in the town, with the famous Mozambique prawns being on almost every menu!

Day trips for diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing is a major attraction from this town, and visitors with their own 4×4 can venture inland to Zinave National Park, part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area Mozambique.

Vilanculos offers some of the best accommodation establishments on the mainland, such as AsDunas, Casa Babi, and Baraka Beach Hotel

Ponto D’Ouro

Means “tip of gold” in Portuguese, because of its beautiful gold beaches at the most southern tip of Mozambique. It is a holiday makers paradise, and loved by the Southern African communities as well as international tourists!

Ponto D’Ouro offers Dolphn Encounters, Deep Sea Fishing, Quad biking, Scuba Diving, just beautiful wild beaches to relax on and 4×4 adventures.

Accommodation establishments are plenty, but we have our preferred ones such as O Lar Do Ouro, and Tartaruga Maritima

Maputo City Tour

Before European settlement, the area where Maputo has developed was a marshy area and mainly avoided by the African people of the area. Most of the lo-lying city area is reclaimed land.

We visit the fort, the very important CFM Train Station situated in the industrial area, the beautiful beaches of the city, and view the stunning art-deco architecture.

We visit the Mafalala Bairro area for a cultural tour, as we drive through thin alleyways characterized by rusty sheets of corrugated iron homes. We learn about real life, history, music and culture of this rich suburb, a suburb that produced a high proportion of the countries defining personalities, artists, sportspersons and politicians.

This tour can be a full day or half day tour.