The Indian Ocean country of Madagascar, previously known as the the Malagasy Republic, still is fairly underdeveloped for tourism, so is still wild! The islands endemic wildlife and forests are a unique tourist attraction.

Madagascar has been separated from the African landmass for about 165 million years, so its fauna and flora evolved in isolation from that time onwards.

On various walks in certain areas of Madagascar, one can meet many different species of lemurs, birds, and find some really beautiful orchids.

The Analamazoatra Reserve is well known for the Indri lemur, Andasibe Mantadia National Park has a variety of diurnal and nocturnal lemurs, so guided night and days walks are organised to find these. the Avenue of Baobabs lines a dirt road on the Western side of the island, forming a striking landscape, a very popular route from Antananarivo to Tuleur passes through some spectacular sandstone formations, and little towns well known for their handicraft.

Nosy Be, Madagascar’s busiest tourist resort island on the northwestern coast offers an all in one destination without the adventure of travelling through the whole island of Madagascar.

Truly an explored paradise for those that want to experience someone really out of the ordinary.

Madagascar Itinerary