Nature Travel Company Southern Africa

The Nature Travel Company is a registered tour operator based in Johannesburg, South Africa, gateway to many beautiful parts of Southern Africa. Founded by Helen Malisan who has over 36 years of experience in wildlife guiding, tour operating and small event planning. Helen started her tourism career in 1984, lived and worked in Germany, Namibia, and Zambia before returning to South Africa to start her own company.

The Nature Travel Company has always had a passion for the great outdoors, its animals, its people with their varied culture, and the beauty of the large and small things in nature.

This passion has connected us deeply with this earth, and we would like to ensure that our guests feel this connection too. So, we like to incorporate a little gratitude each day for what we see and the life we are able to live through our tours, so don’t be surprised if your guide asks you to close your eyes and be in the moment…..

We specialise in bespoke safaris that fit your requirements, your personal taste and your interests, be they birding, safaris only, or a detailed tour of a favourite place! We have over the years built excellent working relationships with owners and staff of many accommodation types, from budget to mid to luxury.

The Nature Travel Company will personally tailor-make your itinerary and advise you of various activities to partake in along the way.